Saturday, August 28, 2010

PhotoHunt: Framed

This is my offering for PhotoHunt, where this week's theme is "framed."


  1. Love it! It looks like one of those doors in movies where if you enter you'll be in another world.

  2. Very effective and perfect for the theme.

  3. wow perfect for the theme..

    mine is here

    happy weekend

  4. Thanks for coming, Everyone.

    Susanne, I thought the same thing when i saw this door. It looks like the door to Heaven or something with all that light glowing behind the window.

    And Miles to Go: I wish. No, the doorway was in a building that also houses a movie theatre. Near the restrooms, which are upstairs, there is a door to a hallway. Because the hallway is where the elevator is located, the door was unlocked. Maybe not exactly allowed, but when I saw that old-looking hallway, I just had to investigate. It was a Sunday, so the offices were empty, but it felt like Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn could step out from one any minute. Very cool place.