Sunday, August 8, 2010

PhotoHunt: Colorful

Is there anything more frustrating than such a colorful display of fresh fruits and veggies, and there you are without a kitchen?

And almost as bad? Fabulous flowers and no way to take them on the long flight home!

These photos were taken at the wonderful Pike's Place Market in Seattle. What I wouldn't give to have a public market like this near my home.  It's almost enough to make you want to move. Not quite, though. There's still that weather.


The theme at PhotoHunt this week is colorful and this is my first time playing.  How about you?  Never leave home without a camera?  Come join the fun!


  1. yes all those fruits and vegetables and no kitchen would break my heart also....lovely pic's!

  2. Wonderful photos. I love them. Pike's Place Market is on my to-do list ... one of these day ... like so many other things. :-)

  3. Great photos of a wonderful place to visit. I think I'll check out PhotoHunt and see what that's about.

  4. hey patti, what in the world were you doing in seattle? i've the impression that you were just visiting?
    i lived in everett and fort lewis for several years many moons ago and i miss that part of the country so much! your photos of the pike st. market were such a joy to see!

  5. Thanks for visiting everyone, and for your comments. If you are ever in Seattle, the Pike Market is a must. It's extraordinary. And be sure to bring your camera!

    Sheri: You're right, it was a vacation. I was very impressed with Seattle, and especially that market!