Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!


  1. Happy Independence Day to you and your family!
    Those hills look familiar. Hmmmm. Virginia?

  2. through gritted teeth with all this 4th July nonsense, well i am a brit!!! just wanted to thank you for your support with my site and the new venture, hope you had a good day, cheers Pete

  3. What a lovely day, with the cool breeze in the air and a peaceful sence of quiet and space all around...

    Happy Independence Day

  4. If this is your flafg and you're garden and your view, you've got plenty to be happy about!

  5. Warm Coco - The hills are the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont. Thanks for visiting. Hope you had a happy 4th.

    Pete - I would think you chaps would be glad to be quit of us unruly Yanks. We're a passle of trouble, you know. ;-)

    ninotaziz - the beauty and serenity we had, for sure. The cool breeze, not so much. See the next photo.

    Rinkly Rimes - Alas, the flag, the garden and the view all belong to the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, VT. But I was happy just to share it with them.

    Thanks for stopping by, Everyone.