Wednesday, July 7, 2010



  1. only gets that hot here in Arizona...surely not where you are?

  2. Oh.dear.god.

    Yer gonna melt, sistah! Someboday send you a glacier right quick, now...

    (wish I could) That looks miserable.

  3. In Germany it's so hot as well - it has 38 Degrees Celsius at the moment which is....100.4 F - and it's not cooling down at night...

  4. Timoteo: Believe it or not, this was in Vermont. The actual air temperature capped at about 100, but the weather folks said it felt more like 105-110, thanks to the awful humidity. This photo was taken when I first got in the car, and it did drop a bit once we were moving. Still, that's damned hot. I don't know how you Arizonians do it.

    Ti: Yeah, huh? I was thinking a little melting might not be such a bad thing, but, alas, all it did was make me miserable. And me, miserable, is not a pretty picture.

    Claudia: It makes you believe on global warming, doesn't it?

    Thanks for visiting, everyone!