Saturday, September 18, 2010

PhotoHunt: School

These photos were taken in New Zealand, where schools of old were probably not too different than they were here in the US (well, except maybe for the rules for teachers).  I remember the "cloak room."


For more interesting takes of the theme of "school," visit PhotoHunt.


  1. That is awesome! Cool pics!

  2. super neat!
    Thanks for the tour.

  3. Kissed; (First, I gotta tell you, I love your blog name.) Thanks for coming and your comments.

    Jingle: Thank you. I found the school very interesting.

    tnchick: Yeah, huh? My daughter is a teacher. She never would have made it there. The "loitering in ice creams shops" alone would have done it. Thanks for visiting!

  4. Those rules sound like they were written by the Taliban...geez.

  5. Wonderful! Yes ... remember when women would loose their jobs for getting married. Wow!

    Hey, I think you might like this vid from Scotland about their old schools.