Thursday, March 4, 2010

Alcatraz: Looking at Freedom

This one's for you, Lou.


  1. Wow! Beautiful. This is how I feel today. Having a bad cold-autoimmune kind of day (2 weeks!) and you captured my feelings with this picture. It's bright out there somewhere! D

  2. Alcatraz is so rich with photographical opportunities! I loved prowling it stem to stern and extracting gallons of inspiration from the lighting, texture, walls, floors, Canada geese living in the exercise yard...

    I could go on and on and on...

  3. DL: I'm sorry you've not been feeling well. I hope you are having a better time of it now.

    Ti: I felt exactly the same way. And I have a "thing": in some places, I think that if I can just be quiet enough, I can "hear" the past. Alcatraz is one of those places.